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5 things you should never say to a friend who hates their job

It’s not always easy to know what to say when someone is struggling. We asked experts for advice on what not to say to a friend who’s unhappy at work.


Using exact change in Venmo transactions makes us look petty

When we pay friends the exact amount owed, we may think we're being helpfully conscientious, but it can come off as petty and make us dislike the stickler.

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6 ways volunteering benefits your health

Volunteering has definitely taken a backseat. There’s only so much time in a day, right? Well, reprioritizing a chunk of that time for others could work wonders for your health.


How to find your tribe using these 10 simple steps

Finding your “tribe,” your people, your peeps, the folks with whom you connect, is doable, but not always a simple task. Whatever the case, it is important to surround yourself with powerful and supportive people who encourage you to be your best self.

The Whole Human

How to be your own best friend

Being your own person is mostly about trying to dig yourself out of the cycle of negativity that affects us all. If you’re not sure how to start the process, call your best friend — or better yet, just ask yourself.


Difficult relationships: 5 easy ways to improve them, backed by research

Relationships — whether with coworkers, friends or lovers — are a mash-up of cooperation and competition. Here are 5 steps to happiness and healthier connections.


Happiness hack: One ritual that made me much happier

For maximum happiness, friendships need to be maintained by actually physical proximity, not social media.