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Work-Life Balance

Why it’s OK to focus on your career over starting a family

It’s easy to start feeling left out and panicked that your friendships may diverge because you are not rushing to get a bun in the oven. Whether it is friends or family, there’s no need to feel guilty about choosing your career over kids.


Survey: 41% of employees feel “shamed” for taking vacation

Do you ever get nervous before asking your employer for permission to use your vacation days? You're not alone.


How to maintain a balance when you work with your family

It seemed that for a long time, our dining room table doubled as our at-home boardroom. For me, this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable so I made some changes.


This is what the best teams and families do: 3 rituals from research

There are three key elements the best teams and families all have in common that boost trust, cooperation, motivation and overall performance. And they’re going to surprise you.


What can men do to support women in the workplace and at home?

For greater equality women have to support men as caretakers to the same degree that men support women in the workplace.


Old school: 7 ideas from ancient thinkers to improve your modern life

Seven powerful lessons from ancient wisdom for success in the modern world.


Research report: How to have a happy family in 7 steps

Happy families are better and the children of happy families are more successful. Here's how to get there in 7 steps.