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Work Fashion

15 office clothing choices you should never make in the summer

Even though we live in an increasingly casual world where yoga clothes or post-yoga class or you walked by a yoga studio and thought about it but frozen yogurt instead clothes are the norm for everyday wear there are still a few lines you cannot cross in offices. Now, yes, many office environments like startups have literally what seems like zero rules when it comes to attire and in the summer, boundaries are especially pushed because of the higher temperatures which some people view as an excuse to wear ANYTHING.


Managers and employees have different ideas of what’s a breach of etiquette

Doing the simple step of showing up on time can go a long way in the eyes of your manager. Unfortunately, too many of us are running late to work. Tardiness was the the most common breach of etiquette managers noticed in employees, a new Accountemps survey of 1,000 employees and 300 senior managers concluded.

Work Fashion

How to dress and stand out in the age of ‘business casual’

Even though your company may deem business casual as the office dress code, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow it. If you do decide to overdress your fellow employees, could it help you or hurt you? It all depends on your company’s unique culture — and your mindset.


This is one thing you should never do during a job search

In short, you use lots of features and tools on your phone in your job search — except for maybe one: texting. Texting during your job search is still a grey area. Is text an acceptable job search tool?

Words at Work

7 words that make you sound passive aggressive at work

Refrain from using these seven stereotypically passive-aggressive words when interacting with people at work, and you can avoid unnecessary and unproductive tension in the office.

Office culture

10 surprising ways you may be reinforcing sexism in the office

So how do you know if you're perpetuating incivility toward other women in the workplace? Here are 10 signs that you could be the culprit.


15 business texting rules to live by

Like it or loathe it, people are spending an increasing amount of time on their phones, and continuous advancements in technology – particularly regarding social media and communication – means it can be hard to switch off from work and achieve a healthy work-life balance. But for all of its flaws, it’s this same technology that allows us to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues and peers so easily – it’s literally at the touch of a button!

Office Life

Here are the Top 10 ways people exact revenge on their coworkers

Think about it: How many times has getting angry, led you to get even? If you've done so in the workplace, you're not alone.


Guy fired for being rude claims he’s not impolite, just French

A French waiter in Canada experienced the limits of workplace incivility when he was fired for allegedly acting aggressive, rude and combative to his coworkers. And now he's suing his former employer for violating his human rights, arguing that he was not rude — he's just French.

How To

4 ways to seamlessly finish a conversation without making the other person feel dumped

So you're at a networking event and have had a great chat with someone new, but there are a handful of other people you'd still like to introduce yourself to. Instead of waiting for the conversation to end organically, consider using one of these four methods to keep moving forward.

Words at Work

Whatever you do, don’t even think about using these 5 opening lines in your emails

If every email is different, why do so many of them begin the same way? Here's a list of opening lines you should steer clear of.

Business travel

Hoping for a smooth flight on your next business trip? Your seatmate’s nationality may determine that

When you first sit down on a flight for a business trip or any trip you usually can tell in the first few minutes if you have a good seatmate or not. Here are the best travel companions.

Office Life

How to greet someone professionally online

As technology makes it easier for us to professionally greet each other on social networks, we're running into new challenges of how to communicate.


9 steps to better office holiday gift giving

‘Tis the season to be jolly and buy gifts for people you don’t really know that well. Here's how to deal with the immense pressure, and office gift ideas.

Office Life

The holiday gift guide for everyone in your office

From your work bestie to your boss, we've got the best way to buy holiday gifts for everyone on your office list.


How to say no without feeling guilty: 6 secrets from experts

Being “too nice” can cause legit problems. So how do you say no without feeling guilty? Experts and research have answers.


Email is the most effective tool you are not using

With so many other forms of communication available, email may seem like the archaic tool from the Internet’s dark ages. But it's essential to do it right.

The Future of Work

This AI spies on your contacts and writes emails to them

A new email plugin called Crystal made accurate judgments on one reporter's email style. It can help people navigate tone and content with strangers.

Office Life

Here’s how to stay on the right side of office chat etiquette

While every person and workplace is different, here's what to keep in mind when using your office chat so you don't offend or annoy your coworkers.


Here’s how to avoid catching a bad mood from your coworker

New research argues that moods — both good and bad — are contagious. Here are some tips on how to avoid a bad mood just because your coworker has one.

Office Life

How to handle business lunch etiquette

Ladders sat down with Patricia Napier Fitzpatrick, who runs the Etiquette School of New York, to talk about how we should handle ourselves when we are eating in a business setting.


No, you don’t need a personal brand

When it comes to career lingo, no phrase has gotten more buzz over the past several years than personal branding. You don't need it. Here's why.

Office Life

6 ways to make your business emails stand out

A great email could land you a job, but a bad one has the potential to annoy the recipient and/or jeopardize your career. Here's how to craft one that gets your message across effectively while keeping both your job and the recipient in mind.

Office Life

7 tips from an etiquette coach for nailing your job interview

Patricia Napier Fitzpatrick runs The Etiquette School of New York where she coaches her clients on everything from body language to table manners. Ladders spoke with Patricia about tips that can help improve your chances of nailing your next big job interview.

office life

Here’s why you shouldn’t use smiley face emojis in work emails

A smiley is not a smile.