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This is what determines whether or not most people will become successful in life

The truth is, all excuses come back to one grand excuse, and that’s the beloved concept of time. And we all have the time.

Personal Finance

Why it’s important to separate your self worth from your money

We’re often told that we’re to blame if we have debt or other issues. But this kind of negative self-talk can be damaging beyond the bank account.


According to a new study, first impressions may not be as important as we thought

According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, people tend to underestimate how much another person likes them.


3 ways self-sabotage is holding you back

Somewhere along the line, it was determined that self-sabotage is humorous. When we actually experience it, however, it can leave us feeling victimized.

The Whole Human

Jessica Alba’s self-confidence hack might surprise you

The actress and entrepreneur sat down with Arianna Huffington and spoke about self-confidence, handling rejection and learning from failure.


Science says people decide these 9 things within seconds of meeting you

Within moments of meeting people, you decide all sorts of things about them, from status to intelligence to promiscuity.


The CEO of the fastest growing conference in the U.S. on how to find your whitespace

Though you would think Jaclyn Johnson, the woman behind Create & Cultivate, the fastest growing nationwide conference platform and online platform, would have a seamless career trajectory with nothing but praise, promotion and adoration, you would be quite wrong. No one has that.

Words at Work

4 phrases that make you sound less confident (and what to say instead)

Whether or not you would call yourself an introvert, here are a few specific phrases to stop saying if you want to sound and feel more confident at work.


Ways to build your career confidence in a month

There are plenty of ways to supercharge your confidence and assurance with these helpful strategies from career experts.

Office Life

Confidence in the workplace: Examining the ‘confidence gap’

We are often told to have more confidence in ourselves, but what does confidence mean in today’s workplace and does it actually pay to be ‘confident’?

The Whole Human

This 10-minute routine will increase your confidence and self-esteem

Living in alignment and intention is how you create inner confidence and peace. You can quickly learn to develop confidence and a deep sense of self-esteem.

The Whole Human

This is the most insane way to be smarter, confident, and resilient

There’s evidence that the right voices in your head can make you smarter, more confident and more resilient. Here are the three you need talking to you.


Gabrielle Union on why women need to stop feeling ‘lucky’ when someone likes their idea

At the 2018 #BlogHer conference, Gabrielle Union spoke out how about women should never just feel 'lucky' someone believed in their company.

How To

One of Oprah’s favorite thought leaders says these are the only 3 questions you need to ask yourself

Career expert Marie Forleo, one of Oprah's favorite thought leaders, says you only need to ask yourself 3 questions to find your passion.


5 smart ways to ask for help without seeming incompetent

Don't be afraid to ask for help. You can handle complicated assignments and you are smart enough to realize when you need help to complete them.


11 signs you’re going to be successful, even if it doesn’t feel like it

If you're pursuing your passions, if you're learning, and if you're forging solid relationships, you're probably on track to being successful.


When it’s out of your control, trust the coping strategy of a master

When we look outside ourselves for acceptance and don’t find it we reach for a lever of hope. Here is how to deal when they are out of your control.


3 ways to respond to curveballs you didn’t see coming

Often a change of plans is what’s needed to get to exactly where we need to be. Life throws a lot of curveballs and this is how you deal with them.


7 strategies to help you convert an idea into reality

The harsh truth: Your idea is probably not as good as you think. This is not an insult to your intelligence. It is an observation of the creatives’ mindset.


What swimming with reef sharks taught me about confidence

You need to think like a shark.

Job Search

4 phases of mourning after a job rejection

You’re not alone. EVERYONE goes through it. And then next, realize that there’s a typical process to this whole job rejection thing. We’ll share with you the four main phases of mourning after a job rejection – because knowing what you’re going through is the first step to getting over it and moving forward with a good attitude!


Billionaire Richard Branson has some simple advice for those who want to succeed

Time and again, Branson encourages young people to stay faithful to themselves in the face of all odds. After all, he's living proof that anything is possible — as a child, he struggled greatly with dyslexia. No one ever dreamed that he would pioneer a global music and video game company, an airline and a space project.


Measure the process, not the results

Most of my life has been like this: one step forward, one step back. Make a little progress, then regress.


The most important trait among successful people will surprise you

This is what matters more than any other talent or trait.

The Whole Human

How to actually move on (from anything)

In order to move forward, you have to move on. And in order to move on, you have to let go. You can only get so far with your leash still on.