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Don’t try to fake confidence – do this instead

The problem with faking confidence is that it requires so much conscious effort that it is rarely successful. Whenever you attempt to conceal any strong feeling and fake another, your body almost always “leaks” nonverbal cues that are picked up consciously or subconsciously by your audience.

Body Language

I instantly knew I couldn’t trust you: How and why I was wrong

It took me only seven seconds to assess your confidence, competence, status, likability, warmth, and, yes, your trustworthiness. I felt you were untrustworthy for five reasons — none of which had anything to do with your actual trustworthiness.


How assertive communication can change your life

Assertive communication is like a muscle. You have to flex it.

How To

10 tips to supercharge your success

Can success be accelerated?

Body Language

10 body language myths that limit your success

Not everything you’ve heard about body language is accurate.


First impressions count: How just ‘one hundredth of one second’ can change everything

We know that in only a fraction of a second after meeting, people make initial judgments about others. But what exactly is it that people connect with in others?


Eight great tricks for reading people’s body language

Learning the clues to understanding body language and the messages they send, means you'll understand your colleagues better, especially when what they say is not what they mean.

Body Language

The way you blink may be freaking people out

A blink is a tiny 'nope' to whatever you just heard. 


Four ways to succeed in panel interviews like a champion

Hold your ground.


New analysis: Americans are the smiliest people on LinkedIn

Nothing beats a broad, friendly smile in the professional worlds of America.

Words at Work

Stop priding yourself on being brutally honest

There's no need to be mean. Ever.


Our voices show we cower before authority figures. And they know it.

We are fooling no one.


New study proves people (and computers) can guess a person’s name by looking at his face

Dan? You look like every other Dan!


Eerily smart new robots can read human body language

We are one panopticon away from being completely known.

Business Travel

Aggressive shoeless feet on airplane traumatize fellow travelers

"The left foot reached over and opened a window."

The Job Search

This is the best way to talk about being fired in a job interview

You can make it better.


8 fascinating facts about job interviews in China

Pro tip: Avoid Ghost Month


6 ways to be an all-star in every meeting

Here's how to shine.


4 crucial steps to finding a job if you’ve been unemployed for more than 6 months

Unemployment is hard. Here's how to navigate it.

Body Language

9 steps to the confident ‘hire me’ handshake

A good handshake tells people what kind of human you are.