Articles about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Middle management job security in the age of automation

What issues are raised when a bot can do a white collar business person’s work as well or better than the person who pays the dry cleaning bills?

The Future of Work

Here’s how not to lose your job in the next 15 years

Learn all you can about the technology entering your field. Stay up on all the trends. And give real thought to where the human element is still needed.


STUDY: Nearly one-third of workers lie to their bosses

Seems low.


75% of American parents believe robots will take their kids’ jobs

The worst part is that robots don't even have to be particularly smart to replace you.

Artificial Intelligence

New app scans your face and tells companies whether you’re worth hiring

Companies are letting the robots take over the first interview.


No wonder we don’t fear robots at work. Many of us feel like robots in the office anyway, survey finds

We like to make our own decisions, but few of us get to do it at work.


Why won’t everyone listen to Elon Musk about the robot apocalypse?

Empowered robots hold a host of complications for us.


These are the 6 most powerful robot overlords that exist today

Get to know your new bosses.

Future of Work

2 million job candidates are desperate to work for Google. Why?

How one company became among the most desired.


Survey: Americans welcome our new robot overlords

Americans are ready to accept robot workers in a variety of roles and are unconcerned about the threat artificial intelligence poses to jobs.