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Amazon will no longer ask job applicants for their salary history

Amazon announced that it is banning any salary history inquiries for prospective U.S. employees, according to an internal message posted this week.

Age Discrimination

Report: Major companies excluding older workers from job ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

If you're above a certain age, you may not be seeing job ads from dozens of the nation's top employers — including Amazon, Verizon, UPS, and Facebook.

Office Life

Amazon wants Alexa to be your new coworker

Do you need an executive assistant who can stay out of sight and always be ready to complete your bidding at your command? Amazon is banking on it.


You’ll never have to leave work again with Amazon Key

With its new Amazon Key service, Amazon is selling a future where you'll never have to leave work again to wait for a package.

Office Life

Amazon’s plan to have 2 headquarters could lead to these 3 pitfalls

With all the structural changes that are bound to come Amazon's way with its HQ2 plan, it's worth looking into the issues it could potentially run into by having more than one headquarters.

Identity at Work

Muslim Amazon contractors win the right to use company prayer rooms

Religious freedom and contract work collide in a controversy at Amazon.


Amazon introduces giant treehouse ‘spheres’ to relax employees

Amazon is bringing nature into the center of Seattle, and it's already a sensation.