Survey: This is how many Americans would consider relocating for a job

The saying goes, “there’s no place like home.” But it doesn’t seem to ring true for 62% of U.S. workers, who would consider moving to a different location for a job.

Though almost two-thirds of Americans may already seem like a hefty chunk of the population, those numbers skyrocket for younger adults – 76% of workers aged 18-34 would relocate, compared to only 40% of those older than 55. There’s also a gender discrepancy — 67% of men say they’d move, compared to 59% of women.

These numbers come from a survey out of specialized staffing firm Robert Half and was conducted by independent research firms that surveyed more than 2,800 U.S. workers who report to office environments and more than 2,800 senior managers in 28 major U.S. cities.

So why are so many people ready to pack their bags and leave?

Well, according to the research, 44% of people list better pay or perks as the top factor in whether they move for a job. 17% make their decisions based on family or personal reasons, while  16% count cost of living or career advancement as their major influencers. For a further 6%, weather weighs heavy on their choice.

Regions also seem to play a big role in terms of who’s willing to relocate. There are some cities that are hard to leave, and others where that’s … well … less true. Workers in Raleigh, Miami, Des Moines, Charlotte, Los Angeles an, Seattle are the most willing to consider relocating for a job. Meanwhile, people in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, and Atlanta want to stay put (As someone who has lived in Philly, I can tell you why — it’s all about the food).

As employers search for qualified candidates beyond their geographic area, they’re also adapting to provide the best applicants with relocation packages. 34% of companies have increased such benefits in the last five years. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s bent on recruiting outside talent — 30% of companies still don’t offer any sort of relocation package.

Would you move for a new job? And if so, what would your top considerations be when deciding whether to relocate? While the answer may be a little different for all of us, it seems there’s an openness to exploring new horizons — and that’s exciting!