Survey: 5 things job seekers want to know before applying

When you’re an employer that wants to attract top talent, be careful how you tell the story of your company in public, because there are eyes online who are watching your answers very closely.

According to a new survey from Indeed, job seekers need to know about a company’s stability before they submit their application.

Top answers job seekers want to know about a company before applying

More than wanting to know about a company’s snazzy vision or their potential manager, job seekers wanted transparency about the company’s state of affairs. Is there high turnover? Are numbers in the red? Job seekers wanted to know if the job they were applying for today would still be there in the future. These were the top considerations job seekers had when researching a company they wanted to work for:

  1. The stability of the company (47%)
  2. Insights around benefits and perks, flexibility, and salary ranges for relevant roles (45%)
  3. Information about growth opportunities (41%)
  4. Company management (34%)
  5. Company’s mission and vision (31%)

This strong need to know about the company’s reputation makes sense. Before you jump ship for a new job, you want to know more about where you will land. You don’t want to be surprised by pitfalls that employee reviews and reports in the newspapers could have alerted you to avoid.

Indeed found that when companies did not provide enough information about themselves online, job seekers became suspicious and less likely to apply. An absence of available online information caused 70% of job seekers to automatically distrust the company.

As Indeed’s Paul Wolfe put it, “Today, then, it’s not enough to just post your jobs online. Job seekers are viewing your jobs in context. Providing rich information about the experience of working at your company is essential to building trust and getting applications.”