Style Day to Night — No Wardrobe Switch Required

Three ways to transform your office look into appropriate evening attire.

menslunchYou don’t have time to run home to change after work, but you don’t want to show up to dinner or drinks looking like you are about to deliver a PowerPoint presentation. Not to worry! Your most basic office look is easily transformed into an appropriate outfit for an evening of networking with just a few simple tricks:

1. Add some flair.

Take your basic white blouse from boring to glamorous with a jeweled necklace or sparkly chandelier earrings. Remember to loosen the collar and roll up the sleeves for a devil-may-care attitude. Trade your practical pumps and flats for sexy stilettos or knee-high boots.

2. Amp up your makeup.

A red lip or thick black eyeliner goes a long way in transforming your look from day to night. These classic nighttime makeup staples are not usually appropriate for the office but look great over cocktails. Keep you hair up during the workday? Take it down and shake it out for a tousled going-out look.

3. Relax your look.

Your suit jacket and tie are just a pair of dark denim jeans away from a stylish look for cocktails. Be sure to switch out your wingtips for a more casual shoe, like suede oxfords. Ladies, if hose or tights are an office requirement, take this opportunity to lose them.

4. Shed some layers.

It’s no secret that nighttime dressing is more skin-friendly than your office would appreciate. When headed to after-work cocktails, leave your cardigan, jacket, tie, blazer or sweater at your desk. Ladies, ditch your awkward day-bag that weighs 100 pounds for a sleek, metallic clutch that easily stores in your desk drawer.

Photos: Courtesy of J Crew