Study says wear this color if you want to nail the job interview (and get a second date)

Colors mean different things and can have a deep impact on not only our moods but the people we come into contact with when we are wearing them. But can a color be as powerful as a great resume? Apparently yes.

According to new research, black is the way to go for a job interview. The study surveyed 1,500 British people and 43% chose black as the optimal color for an interview. And for men, it is also the chosen color for a first date. For women, red is the color for the first date because it is associated with love. Wink, wink. But if you want to just have fun during a night out, wear silver (12% said this was the way to go.)

If you weren’t aware that colors can have such a profound impact, you aren’t alone. Over 75% of those surveyed were not aware of the psychological effects of colors. After all, wearing green can say something very different than wearing yellow in a meeting.

Psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman, who was involved with the research in the study, told The Mirror, “An awareness of the cultural and psychological factors at play when it comes to color helps us get to know ourselves better and also gives us a way to communicate.

“Through the clothing and accessories we choose, we can use color to communicate, without words, a range of messages and emotions. For example, if someone dresses in very bright colors, at least on some level they are saying they want to be seen,” he added.

But if you are just looking to run more miles at the gym or go up a weight set, wear blue. Apparently, it is a very motivational color.

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