Study: 20 jobs where the number of women has skyrocketed

Recent data compiled by the site 24/7 Wall St. reveals 20 positions where there has been an influx of women in recent years.

But regarding salary, 24/7 Wall St. noted that “despite being increasingly represented in these jobs, women do not earn more than their male counterparts in any of the jobs on this list.” However, the outlet also reported that women’s “median earnings” are more than the overall median salary of all employees ($45,860) in half of the positions listed.

24/7 Wall St. reportedly looked at Census information from the years “2000 and 2016 on employment composition by gender in over 300 occupations.” Only positions that were a minimum of 50% women in 2016 were analyzed, and the 20 with the biggest upward jump in percentage points of “female employment composition” were sorted.

20 jobs where women have poured in

Here they are, listed from the greatest change in percentage points from 2000-2016:

1) Veterinarians: up 25.1 percentage points

2) Natural sciences managers: up 22.5 percentage points

3) Pharmacists: up 15.5 percentage points

4) Public relations and fundraising managers: up 12.6 percentage points

5) Graders and sorters, agricultural products: up 12.0 percentage points

6) Animal trainers: up 11.2 percentage points

7) Bakers: up 11.0 percentage points

8) First-line supervisors of personal service workers: up 10.7 percentage points

9) Opticians, dispensing: up 10.3 percentage points

10) Writers and authors: up 10.2 percentage points

11) Fabric and apparel patternmakers: up 7.9 percentage points

12) Nonfarm animal caretakers: up 7.7 percentage points from

13) Compliance officers: up 7.5 percentage points

14) Lodging managers: up 6.9 percentage points

15) Technical writers: up 6.8 percentage points

16) Parking enforcement workers: up 6.8 percentage points

17) Production, planning, and expediting clerks: up 6.7 percentage points

18) Social and community service managers: up 6.6 percentage points

19)  Office machine operators, except computer: up 6.5 percentage points

20) Public relations specialists: up 6.4 percentage points