Starbucks debuts its first protein-packed coffee

For those of us who feast on coffee alone for our on-the-go breakfasts, Starbucks now has a way for you to make your liquid breakfast a little more nutritious. The coffee chain announced that it is introducing its new Protein Blended Cold Brew in the almond and cacao flavor on Tuesday.

You can now get protein with your order of Starbucks coffee

For those of us who cannot handle dairy, we can still drink the new drink. The 16-ounce grande size drinks are made up of cold brew coffee, coconut or almond milk, and pea and brown-rice protein. The drinks carry between 10 to 12 grams of protein and 180 mg of caffeine in every cup. The drink gets sweetened with a “banana date fruit blend” for sweetness.

“Plant-based beverages, plant-based proteins are a choice that many consumers are gravitating towards,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said in June about Starbucks’ foray into more protein.

Starbucks’ new additions are part of a growing trend among American consumers who recognize we cannot survive our work mornings on sugar and willpower alone. More than half of American adults say they want more protein in their diets, according to research firm NPD Group.