Sorry, but we’re just not ready for broccoli coffee

We were skeptical about Bulletproof Coffee, with its butter, and we are still getting used to CBD coffee. But this new one takes the cake.

You know when you are eating broccoli and then you wash it down with a nice cup of coffee? No? That’s right because hopefully, you have working taste buds. But apparently, those fun Australians, specifically the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Hort Innovation, have decided to ground up broccoli into a fine powder and put it in their morning joe.

As you can imagine, it has only received “mixed reviews” and yet we are sure this will be flooding all the coffee shops in no time and eventually your Instagram feeds. Starbucks will probably have a broccoli frappuccino by next summer.

Too busy for vegetables

“Research shows the average Australian is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day, and options such as broccoli powder will help address this,” said Hort Innovation’s John Lloyd.

This actually may be a good way to make yourself eat more vegetables because the thought of drinking them in your coffee will motivate you. Also, are we so busy that we can’t eat vegetables?

The only plus is that its made from “imperfect broccoli” which means you are saving it from going to waste…by drinking it in your coffee. So you may have a clear conscious but you may also vomit at your desk at work.