Software Developer Gets Fast Results from Resume

Joshua Axelrod landed a job interview from his professional network but needed a speedy resume rewrite to cinch the IT Job.


As a software developer, Joshua Axelrod is rarely one to do things backward. Sure he might have to focus on backward compatibility or reverse-engineer some technology, but he typically likes to keep things straightforward.

However, when Axelrod came to Donald Burns, a certified professional resume writer who works with Ladders, to help rewrite his resume, he did so after he had already lined up an job interview.

“He had it in reverse order,” Burns said. “Usually, a priority is to write the resume to get an interview. But he already had an interview set up through his contacts and he needed a resume.”

Axelrod had not touched his resume in nearly four years. When he was laid off in November from his position as director of program management and online operations at a well-known magazine, he knew it was time to rewrite his resume, but he didn’t have the chance before he got his first job interview.

“My network immediately started coming through for me,” Axelrod said. After a preliminary interview with one prospective employer went very well, he was invited to come back and interview again with upper management. And they would need to see his resume when he came for the interview.

Axelrod had only a week to spare, so he contacted TechnologyLadder and Burns to help deliver the resume that would sell him to the employer.

“He needed it done pretty quickly and we completed it within a week, which is pretty good,” Burns said. “I’ve actually done them in one day, but you pay extra for that – a lot extra. I always figure we need a little time to let the thing settle – to be able to come back to it later and look at it anew to catch any errors.”

Axelrod’s wealth of experience in software development and the similarities between Axelrod’s target position and the one he had held at the magazine made Burns’ job that much easier.

“He had worked in the same industry for a number of years, and he had progressed and won a number of awards,” Burns said. “So it was easy to show advancement and progression in his career.”

The only minor complication: Axelrod had run his own Web design and development company for a few years. “Sometimes that’s a little hard to work up and verify on a resume,” Burns said of entrepreneurs and self-employment.

But the finished product delivered results. Not only did the resume impress the employer who first requested a resume, it caught the eye of a second. “I have two offers on the table right now and a third company is asking me to ‘bear with them’ while they work through some deals,” Axelrod said. “I’m facing the best kind of problem right now!”