Robot Wars! Beating Resume Software

Congratulations! You’ve done everything you can to make your resume stand out for the people who’ll be deciding your future with the company of your dreams. You’ve selected a great font arranged in an eye-pleasing layout, and your 24-lb., ecru linen paper stock is the envy of your peers.

But guess what? Nowadays, none of those human touches will matter if you can’t get past the computerized systems most HR departments use to screen the thousands of resumes they receive.

In this package of stories, veteran database reporter Lisa Vaas gets down to the nuts and bolts of applicant tracking systems (ATSes), the computer systems that receive your resume and, in many case, decide whether to pass it along to a human recruiter. Lisa offers practical insights on which resumes are admitted entry by these electronic doormen and which are sent packing.

Read on to learn why a winning resume requires more than a trip to the stationery store.