5 Free Resume Tools Every Job Seeker Should Know About

Use these free resources to create outstanding resumes and develop your personal brand.

Perhaps you haven’t updated your resume or cover letter in a while. You may be unsure of which experiences and skills should be highlighted and which should be omitted. You might also be unaware of some of the resume rules and media trends that will put you in the best position for success.

A stellar resume, cover letter, and list of references are crucial to finding a job, but not enough to really set you apart in a highly competitive market. This is why a solid personal branding strategy is so integral to getting your foot in the door, and hopefully into the interview rooms, of your target companies.

Interested in strengthening your personal brand? Here are five free resources that can help you get the ball rolling:

1. Make your social media accounts (and even business cards) stand out with Canva.


Consistency and originality are two fundamental pillars for personal branding. Canva gives you everything you need to transform your unique flare into stunning graphics. You can create free designs for the Web (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or print. Canva is also easy to access and compatible to your iPad. For the less tech-savvy, Canva offers a variety of tutorials for its numerous features and has plenty of blog content for creative inspiration.

2. Create your own personal website in less than five minutes with Branded.me.


Crafty usage of social media can be your best asset these days. With a personal website, you can exude confidence to employers who search for you online. It only takes a few minutes to create a web page where you can display general information about yourselfand showcase your life’s work. Other sections to include are education, awards/recognition, and past projects. Branded.me is also completely free and fully customizable.

3. Share more of your personality with Somewhere.


Providing a cover letter and connecting through Linkedin can be limiting and dry to some employers. Somewhere is a great visual platform that can appeal to anyone. This unique sphere lets you share more than your professional skills and accomplishments. With Somewhere, you can delve deeper into your personal life and show your readers the muses who inspire you, outside hobbies, and even a photo of your work desk! The best thing about Somewhere is that it allows you to be the judge of how intimate you want to be and connects you with other professionals in your field.

4. Drive more traffic to your social media accounts with Buffer.


This tool allows users to write social media content, choose which social profiles to send it to and schedule when the content should be distributed. The Buffer team can also shorten your links and assist with content curation. Using this work hack can help you save time managing your social media accounts, help generate consistent viewership and show companies that you’re engaged in the communities you specialize in.

5. Move past mediocre and go for exceptional with Visual CV.


This free resource lets you browse over 8,000 real resume examples from successful professionals in hundreds of industries. You can then create your own by choosing a professional design template specially crafted to beat the 6-second test. Visual CV also allows you to publish your resume online or convert it to a PDF file. The PDF file option is optimized for search engines and can be used on your personal website or as an addendum to the resume you have already.