Resume Lands TV Marketing VP New Job

A vice president of entertainment and television had the people skills to make any situation a ‘win-win,’ but needed help to make her resume shine as bright as her tenured career.

goldsby_allyson158x188Allyson Terry-Goldsby spent 16 years as a marketing and management executive in the television industry. The southern California resident had been vice president of marketing at two large television companies.

She prided herself on bringing a personal touch to deals; building relationships; making sure every negotiation and partnership felt like “win-win” for every party; and telling the stories of the networks, television shows and celebrity personalities she represented.

But when she decided to look for a new job in 2008, she realized she didn’t tell her own story very well. “My resume was weak and I knew I needed someone good to help me put it together,” she said.The MktgLadder member sought a resume rewrite from

The result was a success. Within two months, three potential job opportunities arose for Terry-Goldsby: one in electronics, one with a former boss and another in cable TV. She decided to take the job as vice president of marketing at a cable TV network.

But a year later, Terry-Goldsby had another problem. She saw demand declining for her expertise in television marketing. “I knew the business was changing and the area that I was an expert in was starting to really dwindle,” she said.

In May, Terry-Goldsby decided to find her way out of TV and entertainment marketing. She sought to leverage the marketing acumen from her 16 years in entertainment to market consumer goods and she needed a resume to do it.

She contacted the same resume writer who worked with Ladders on her resume a year earlier and together they crafted a resume that focuses on her core marketing skills and accomplishments at her most recent position. “We tightened up the back end to highlight my successes at current projects,” she said.

The new resume also emphasizes her soft, facilitation skills.

“Relationship building and partnering are huge for me, in everything I do,” she said. “I’ve learned it’s all about being a connector, and I have used that philosophy for my entire career.”

Making the leapWhether she is taking command of multimillion-dollar marketing budgets or climbing up on a platform at eight and a half months pregnant to show Donny Osmond how to move for a promotional spot, Terry-Goldsby is go-ing to give it her all, she says. She just needed some reinforcement.

“With my resume and cover letter I feel really confident,” she said.

“I knew with a career change, what I needed most from my resume was to get me in the door,” she said. From there Terry-Goldsby said she knows how to close the deal. After all it happened once before.

She began sending her updated resume out in mid-June and got an interview for a marketing position with a major toy manufacturer on July 1.