Resume Failures of the Unprofessional Job Seeker

You sure caught the attention of that Recruiter. Your glamour shot looks great, but now you have the Recruiter wondering if this is the type of thing you send in with a job application, what sort of stuff do you have posted elsewhere? Your lapse in judgment just cost you that interview. Check out the common ways job seekers can be perceived as unprofessional to potential employers and avoid them so that your resume doesn’t land at the top of the ‘No’ pile.

Pleaze Read My Rezumee: Typos and misspellings are the fastest ways to turn off any employer. What are the quickest ways to ensure that your resume is error free? Run a quick spell check, print it out, read it backwards and even enlist the help of a friend to review it for you. The email address you provide employers says a lot about your professionalism. Stay away from offensive, cute or sexually explicit email addresses. Also, avoid shared email accounts that you have with a significant other or your family. You’ll want to separate yourself as an individual. If your email address depicts you in a negative light or invites the possibility of a message being answered by your 9-year-old daughter, create your own email account that incorporates your name as it appears on your resume and cover letter.

Mug Shot: You look fabulous in that photo from your recent trip the beach, but it doesn’t belong on your resume. Don’t give anyone a reason to form a negative opinion about you based on a picture. Also, pictures and image files can potentially block your resume’s chance of making it through an applicant tracking system.

Vulgar Voicemail: As one of the lucky few that a Recruiter or Hiring Manager has decided to call, be sure that your voicemail exudes professionalism. Avoid ringback tones and a voicemail that is silly or vulgar. Set your voicemail to default and have the automated recording relay the message for you if you can’t think of anything appropriate. If the contact number listed on your resume is shared, make sure you trust the other person answering the phone. If he/she cannot take a decent message, then list a phone number that only you can be reached at.

Cookie-Cutter Resumes: Remember resume templates are just that¾templates. They’re designed to serve as a guide rather than an exact replica of your resume’s content. Avoid a sloppy copy, paste, fill in the blanks resume job and add your own style to make potential employers notice you.

Not Qualified?: Thoroughly read through each job description before submitting your resume. No matter how stellar your resume is, an employer will eventually find out whether or not you’re the right fit for the role. Applying to jobs that you’re not qualified for can leave a sour taste in an employer’s mouth and potentially disqualify you from future positions that you would be a rock star at. Avoid wasting precious time in your job search by being honest with your skills and level of experience.

So, you haven’t been getting much traction from your resume? Take a second look at your document. Did you commit any of these major faux-pas?