Resume Renovations for Your Spring Job Search

Use these tips to dust off your job application materials and spruce them up for spring.

Here in New York it’s finally starting to feel like spring! Many of us use this season as an excuse to unclutter our closets and reorganize our work spaces. It’s also a great time to reevaluate our job-search tactics and give them a thorough cleaning.

If your current resume isn’t delivering results, it might be time to spruce it up or even start fresh. Below are articles with top tips to help you renovate your resume this season.

7 mistakes that make your professional resume – and you – look old

Your resume is a reflection of you – and you don’t want recruiters thinking you’re outdated because your document is. Here’s how to know if your resume needs an update.

Navigating the resume application minefield

Before your resume reaches a human being, it will typically get screened by a piece of software known as an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS. Craft a resume that clears the gatekeepers and lands in the hiring manager’s hands.

13 ways your resume can say ‘I’m unprofessional’

Hiring pros share the faux pas they find in real resumes, including wacky e-mail addresses, defunct phone numbers and cookie-cutter templates.

Improve your job application ROI

While you can’t control the recruiter’s actions, there are things you can do to combat the Black Hole and improve your application’s return on investment.

Resume, meet Technology: Making your resume format machine-friendly

Learn how to format your resume so that the applicant tracking software recruiters use doesn’t garble your document – and your chances.