Quit Your Job With Class

Use these tips to resign from your position without tarnishing your brand.

iQuit_first_screenDo you dream of quitting your job? While it can be tempting to craft a witty resignation text with an app like Ladders’ new iPhone app, Quit Your Job, you don’t want to damage relationships that could lead to recommendations, references, or even job leads later in your career.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled three tips to help you submit your two weeks’ notice while preserving your personal brand at the company.

1. Don’t burn bridges.

Whether your experience at the company has been a dream or a personal nightmare, don’t burn bridges. It’s a small world, and you never know when your paths may cross with this organization and its employees again. During your final days in the office, act the part of the model employee. If you’ve given your notice, do what you can to ease the transition for those you’re leaving behind. This may include writing out processes you’ve developed or creating guidelines for your colleagues who will be covering your responsibilities until a replacement can be hired.

2. Keep it professional.

From your letter of resignation to your daily emails, it’s important to keep all written and oral communication professional and friendly. If your experience has been less than ideal, your best bet is to keep the resignation short and sweet. Thank your manager for the opportunity and explain that you will be leaving the organization, effective on a specific date. If you’re in sales or account management, your organization may waive your two-week transition period and end your tenure immediately. Be prepared for this by backing up any documents or contact information you’d like to keep after you leave the organization. Gather any data you’ll need to update your resume before you give your notice.

3. Stay away from social.

If you were laid off or fired, it’s normal to want to let off some steam. While it’s perfectly okay to vent to a close friend or family member in the privacy of your home, it’s another thing to take your rants to the web. Don’t post comments, status updates or YouTube videos bashing your former manager or colleagues. In this digital age, it’s all too easy for a recruiter or prospective employer to find your rants online, even after you’ve deleted them from your account. Don’t inadvertently hurt your future job prospects with an angry message online.

Want to blow off a little steam? Download Ladders’ new iPhone app, Quit Your Job, from the iTunes store today to send humorous resignation text messages to your friends (Although I don’t encourage sending one to your manager!).

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