Rent the Runway and WeWork want to make getting dressed for work even easier

Rent the Runway wants to help you with your work wardrobe. They’ve already made major strides by expanding your closet infinitely through “the cloud”. Users have access to more than 450,000 pieces of designer fashion and they don’t even need a closet. And now RTR has partnered with WeWork to make it even easier for you to switch up your wardrobe.

They have partnered with the coworking space giant by installing drop-off zones at 15 WeWork office spaces in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami. You can order your next work ensemble before you even have your morning coffee now. And this 15 could be just the beginning as there are over 280 WeWorks all over the world.

The move was made to speed up the shipping process for RTR customers. According to Business Insider, Rent the Runway’s subscribers are already wearing rented clothes 120 days out of the year and these new dropoffs could increase that number exponentially.

A survey recently found that 49% of the female respondents reported that they have felt self-conscious about repeating outfits at work. Problem solved. 

WeWork President and COO Artie Minson said in a statement, “WeWork and Rent the Runway members are entrepreneurial, ambitious, inspired, but also extremely busy. Both companies are constantly searching for ways to increase members’ convenience and productivity, and amplify the services they have access to.

“This new network and technology will accelerate the speed and frequency at which women are able to access the unlimited closet in the cloud, and will serve as an amenity for the WeWork members and community.”