Should You Apply to This Job?

Ask yourself these questions before you submit your next job application.


Let’s face it – applying to jobs can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially when each application is properly tailored. Before you submit your resume for another job, make sure it’s worth your time.

Review the job description carefully and ask yourself the following questions before you invest in your next job application.

Do I meet the requirements?

Job descriptions often contain a wish list of skills, education and experience the hiring manager would like to see in an ideal candidate. However, that’s exactly what it is – a wish list. Instead of getting caught up in every desired skill in the description, focus on the must-haves for the role. If you don’t meet the core requirements for the role, this application is not worth your time.

Are my qualifications obvious?

It’s not enough to simply possess the right skills and experience for the job; you have to advertise those qualifications to the gatekeepers and hiring manager. Incorporate key terms from the job’s requirements into your resume and test your resume’s readability with a friend. If your friend has difficulty identifying your qualifications against the job description, then you know it’s still not clear enough.

Am I within commutable distance of the job?

Or if you’re in sales, do you have an established book of business in this area?

Employers tend to favor local candidates, as they’re less expensive to hire and less likely to jump ship. If the position requires relocation, let employers know in your cover letter that there’s a good reason for the move. In other words, make it clear you didn’t make this decision on a whim and that you’re not an expensive flight risk.

Do I know anyone at the company?

Studies have shown you are ten times more likely to land a role when your job application is accompanied by an employee referral. This could be as simple as including your contact’s name in the appropriate field of the online application or better yet, having your contact pass your application on to the hiring manager. Before you apply for the job, check your network for valuable connections that currently work or previously worked at your target organization.

In the end.

By asking yourself these simple questions before committing to your next application, you’ll be able to save yourself the time and potential hardship of applying for a position you might not be right for.