Take Monday Out of Your Work Schedule

Sounds too good to be true? A four-day week can help you move your career to the next level.

The whispers of a four day week have always been there, but is it just wishful thinking? For this dream to ever be achieved there needs to be some form of professional benefit– and not just that you get a three day weekend.

In the following article we will explore some of the most prominent reasons as to why you should take a day off your schedule.

Improved working relationships

Many employees spend more time with their colleagues than their families, so it’s important to build strong relationships in the workplace.However, with you spending so much time with your colleagues sometimes the weekend and the odd bank holiday can be a welcomed break.

Through spending less time at work we reduce the likelihood of major disagreements, personal differences and other issues causing problems in your working relationships with colleagues. Consequently team spirit will be much higher and this will have a positive impact on the team’s productivity as a whole.

A chance to develop new skills

Gaining professional qualifications is a surefire way to propel your career forward and put yourself in the best position for higher-level jobs and promotions. There are countless professional institutions that hold day or week courses designed to expand your knowledge in different fields or professions.

Another way to use the extra day of free time would be to undertake a part-time degree course. This may seem like a huge investment of your time, but for someone who is looking to overhaul their skill set and develop the building blocks for an illustrious career, it is a great option. Gaining your first or maybe even your second degree will be particularly useful if you are at a stage in your career in which you feel you have plateaued.

Recharge your batteries

Giving yourself an additional day away from work can have many health benefits including: reduced stress levels, healthier eating, better exercise habits and a reduction in absences due to sickness. Consequently, as you begin to lead a healthier lifestyle you’ll become more alert at work.

Theory is that this will lead to increased productivity during the hours that you are sitting behind your desk or on the road closing deals. The last thing you want is to feel overworked as that will only contribute to ill-health, which has a direct correlation with productivity in the workplace.