Prince Harry shares his secret to better wellness and self-care

Everyone who tuned into last May’s royal wedding or has ever seen a photo of royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle knows that they are #goals.

They’re always flawlessly exuberant in a way that we did not previously know mere humans could be, and so, of course, we’re going to try to replicate their behavior in whatever ways we can to get even an ounce of their aura.

Well, today, fans of the duke and duchess are in luck — Harry has shared one of his secrets to wellness, and it’s not as crazy hard to do as you might think!

According to the Daily Mail, when Harry visited customers at Number 7, a discounted supermarket and cafe, he revealed his big self-care routine: He meditates every day.

The revelation came when everyone’s favorite ginger met with 69-year-old Kelsang Sonam, one of the customers at Number 7 and a Buddhist monk. Sonam gave the prince a copy of the book, “8 Steps to Happiness.”

But it looks like Harry is already well on his way to being happy. With a brilliant wife and his first baby expected this spring, what more could he want?

Well, other than a few minutes a day to himself so he can meditate.