Online Networking for a Finance Job

Kelly, a job seeker in Southern California, was surprised by the importance placed on having an online presence, but she wasn’t caught off guard.

“Kelly’s” experience during the Great Recession has been different from some of the horror stories you might have heard on the news.

Instead of wallowing in unemployment for a long time with no hope of resurrecting her career, Kelly was proactive. Never one to go without a plan, she started looking for a job while she was still employed, joined FinanceLadder and worked closely with the FinanceLadder career coaches.

When her position at a financial services company was eliminated in June, her job search was already well underway. She just had to kick it into high gear.

Of course the job search took a lot of work, but Kelly was still able to spend much of her summer on the sunny beaches of Southern California. Because she was with her former employer for more than 12 years, Kelly was given a sizable severance package.

One of the elements of the job search that surprised her was the importance of having a presence on the Internet.

“I was surprised at how much more companies have gone to online search,” she said. “If you don’t make that a primary part of your channels, you’re really missing out.”

Then through her networking efforts with former colleagues, who had since moved on, she was able to pursue a new job with another financial services company — a position that was actually created just for her.

After several virtual interviews, which her coach was able to help her out with, she was hired sight unseen. The coaching, she said, was particularly helpful when it came time for the salary negotiation because she had an impartial sounding board against which to practice the interchange and get helpful feedback.

“I got a bump in title and pay,” she said. “This was better than anything I could have planned out.”