3 Ways to Nurture Your Professional Network

Advance your career by tapping your resource pool.

Use Ladders Top Recruiter List to Nurture Your Network

It’s true, “April showers bring May flowers.” However, any good gardener knows it takes more than rain water to grow a successful garden, and the same can be said about your professional network. If you want to build strong relationships, you need to patiently nurture those individual connections to yield career success.

Today, I want to show you three unusual ways you can use this list to nurture your network – and move your career in the right direction.

Share the fruits of your search

When developing a new professional relationship, the worst thing you can do is immediately ask for favors. Always look for opportunities to pay it forward. Learn more about the person so you can find ways to provide value. As a job seeker, you are learning a ton more about the job search than the average professional. When you find something that could be useful to your contacts, don’t be afraid to share it! Consider who in your network could benefit from this list of recruiters and share it with them.

Plant the seeds with praise

Let’s be honest – everyone likes receiving compliments. Use this Top Recruiter List as an excuse to connect with employers whose hiring needs match your job goals and qualifications. Use Facebook and Twitter to congratulate target employers who made the list. A simple search for their names or company names on either of these platforms should do the trick. If you’ve worked with one of these recruiters in the past and want to reestablish the relationship, use this list as an excuse to reach out and offer your congratulations.

Partner with a peer mentor

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes, each offering different types of support throughout your career. Before you reach out to a senior colleague, consider the benefits of utilizing a peer mentor. Approach a fellow job seeker who’s in the same line of work and join forces. By checking in with one another on a weekly basis and sharing information, you’re automatically doubling your job-search efforts and resources. Get the process started by sharing this recruiter list with your peer mentor.

Remember, networking isn’t simply about meeting people – it’s about building meaningful connections and exchanging information with those who prove valuable to your career goals.

Use this list as a reason to reconnect with professional contacts and recruiters who are valuable to your search. And remember, this list spans various industries, so share this information with fellow job seekers to strengthen your relationships and pay it forward.

Follow these tips to strengthen your network and help you take your career to the next level.