Around the Web: The Financial Meltdown

Resources to help senior Wall Streeters who have been displaced by the financial crisis.

suit_reach_fallThe Web has an abundance of resources that can help senior Wall Streeters who have been displaced by the financial crisis. Not only does it offer access to job listings and financial analysis, it can also act as a terrific gateway to the pre-eminent financial networks and organizations of the world.

  • The Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG) is a senior-level organization with a membership of more than 30,000. The FENG gives individuals who have been chief financial officers; controllers; or vice presidents of finance, treasury, tax, or mergers and acquisitions an opportunity to share job leads and network with their fellow financial executives. You’ll need a current member as a sponsor to join the FENG; information on that process is detailed on the membership page.

The Association for Financial Professionals serves more than 14,000 individual members in corporate treasury and financial management. The typical AFP member has 16 years of experience in the profession and works for a company with more than $1 billion in annual revenues. The AFP provides professional certification, continuing education, public policy research, development of industry standards, financial tools and publications, training and career development, and representation to legislators and regulators.

  • Financial Executives International is one of the leading associations for CFOs and other senior finance executives. FEI provides networking, advocacy, updates on financial management, compliance and regulation, as well as career management and executive-level job listings.
  • Besides listing senior-level finance jobs, The Wall Street Journal’s Career Management site offers thoughtful insight about how the financial crisis is affecting finance professionals. WSJ Careers has articles and information on topics ranging from how many financial workers are considering career moves to how you can turn your financial expertise into a successful consulting business.
  • Outside the major news organizations, a variety of comprehensive, regularly updated financial Web sites offer in-depth news and analysis of the financial markets:
    Seeking Alpha
    Marketplace from American Public Media
  • The financial industry has a number of major associations that put on conferences, conventions, seminars and networking events many times throughout the year. Not only are they a great forum for networking, they also provide exposure to some of the most innovative and intelligent people and ideas in finance. If there are none in your area, find a friend, share a room, and bring a stack of business cards.
    Financial Women’s Association of New York
    Commercial Finance Association
    Financial Planning Association
  • Charitable organizations are terrific networking forums. Major organizations tend to have large and well-connected industry groups within them, if only because it’s a great way for them to raise capital and gather people together. To learn more about the nation’s top charities, visit Charity Navigator.