According to this survey, your coworker is probably looking at your screen right now

Everyone is guilty of screen-looking.

Whether it’s at peering at a colleague’s screen across from you to reading someone’s text messages on the subway, stopping our eyes from other peoples business is a lot harder than it looks. Maybe you’re interested in what someone else is looking at or perhaps you’re looking for material for your next viral Tweet.

Either way, creeping on other’s information is evident today — especially in the workplace.

A recent survey by HP polled 3,000 consumers and 1,500 office workers and found that a shocking number of Americans admitted to creeping on other people’s laptops and phone screens without their knowledge.

Eighty-two percent of respondents said they crept on people’s devices without them knowing, according to the survey. On flights, more than half — six in 10 — said they looked at what the person next to them was viewing.

But at work, nearly all office workers — four in five — admitted to creeping on coworkers’ screens. Half of the respondents said their colleagues were viewing not-safe-for-work content on their computers or cellphones when they creeped on them at work, with one in five office workers saying they’ve looked at or seen others viewing sexually explicit content while at work.

More than half of office workers also admitted to rushing to the printer to hide what they printed from someone else, as they felt it was too personal, according to the survey.