Maybe It’s Time to Start Thinking Small

The big advantages I found working at a smaller company.

It’s true that the majority of opportunities come from larger companies. Obviously, they have more positions to fill. And because they have better name recognition, they easily snag top candidates. But many smaller companies are unfairly overlooked. This is because people don’t know about them or think the benefits of working for a smaller company won’t be as good. Here’s why that’s just not true.

The ability to get noticed.

In a larger company, the people above you usually don’t have the power to offer you a raise or a promotion. When you’re at a smaller place, there are less people between you and the executives. If you do a good job, you’re more likely to get noticed by the people who are actually able to advance your career.

Greater job satisfaction.

Small businesses usually give employees more of a say in how things are done. If you have the opportunity to help make the company the best it can be, you’re more likely to feel attached to it and what it represents. In the long run, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled.

More control over your position.

When you work for a small company, it’s usually more flexible and laid back than a larger one and roles are less likely to be set in stone. If you see things you can improve, whether by altering your current position or taking on new responsibilities, you can bring your ideas up and take a more active role in how the company operates.

Better opportunities for growth.

When you work in a small business, you have more opportunity to move around and try out different roles. This is a great learning opportunity that could be beneficial in the future. The more you know, the more marketable you will be if you ever decide to find another position.

More personal connections.

In larger companies, it’s unusual for all employees to know each other. Lots of times, employees don’t even know all of the employees in their department. But if you’re working at a smaller place, you’re much more likely to know everyone in the company. And you’ll be able to build more effective relationships.