Looking for a regal career move? The Queen of England is hiring

If you’ve been binging The Crown like most people with a Netflix subscription have been doing lately, you may have a newfound interest in the inner-workings of the royal family. I’m team Lady Diana all the way, but that is beside the point. This position could grant you access to some of the most prestigious halls and estates on this side of Wales.

Perhaps it’s time to look into a brand new career as the Queen’s own personal assistant. Dust off your royal blue petticoat and see what it takes to serve one of the most integral members of the royal family. I hope you get to walk that adorable army of corgis she’s always pictured with.

The call for applicants warns people upfront that this is not an easy job. I wouldn’t say it’s comparable to a Devil Wears Prada scenario but with great power comes great responsibility and Queen Elizabeth must have loyal subjects to delegate her important tasks to.

The listed position is for a new personal assistant in the Private Secretary’s Office at Buckingham Palace. Imagine reporting to work everyday at Buckingham Palace? It’s what a young me constantly donned in princess costumes would positively shriek over!

This job isn’t all prince charmings, extravagant royal weddings, and cocktail parties, however. A recent press release goes into why only veteran personal assistants should bother applying.

“Newbie PAs need not apply, as this is not an entry-level position. The job listing states that the applicant must be a ‘highly experienced’ personal assistant, who is accustomed to supporting ‘board-level’ individuals, though prior royal knowledge must also be an asset. The perfect candidate should display ‘superb’ communication skills, show good judgment and have the ability to handle sensitive situations, in addition to being able to work well with others.”

Personal assistants reporting to the Queen should also have marked experience in managing senior-level operations such as managing requests, coordinating meetings and appointments, drafting correspondence, and managing inboxes. All of this can be done remotely in the Private Secretary’s Office at Buckingham Palace. This personal assistant will also be responsible for fostering working relations with colleagues within the palace walls and relationships with other world leaders. Discretion is also a must as you will be handling very sensitive information.

In a different time, travel would have been another perk of this job. Due to coronavirus concerns Queen Elizabeth has stuck pretty close to home these days. Sheltering in place inside a castle sounds pretty fun honestly but I’m sure she misses jet-setting like the rest of us “commoners.”

Considering travel is on pause to take an international flight to forge united fronts with world leaders, the farthest you’ll have to go to perform your royal duties if you get the job would be between the Queen’s local residences. This brief highlights how the royal family has had to cut back on events and travel due to pandemic related restrictions.

“While the Queen hasn’t taken on a ton of far-off official visits as of late, Prince William and Kate Middleton have embarked on quite a few royal tours over the past few years, as have Prince Charles and Camilla-Parker Bowles. Since most travel is on pause right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, we assume that the employee will perhaps be moving somewhat locally, between the Queen’s regal residences, including Balmoral Castle, Sandringham and Windsor Castle.”

We absolutely stand for a health-conscious Queen. It gives me great pleasure to know some world leaders are doing everything in their power to protect their constituents and community. This position is offered as a two-year contract with the following details posted on the job listing.

“The position is offered as a two-year fixed-term contract, from January 2021 through January 2023, according to the job listing posted by the Royal Household. The new royal personal assistant will make up to about $47,000 a year, depending on experience.”

If you’ve reached the end of this article and are sold on the idea of being the chief liaison and confidant to the Queen of England then I wouldn’t wait to apply for the job. My guess is her current assistant’s email is overwhelmed with applications from interested parties.

If you’re feeling unsure about taking the leap into such a demanding position maybe some advice from the Queen will help inspire you to take the first step to reach your full potential?

“When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.”