Listening to music at this tempo can double your productivity

Everyone wants to increase productivity and concentration while working. 

What if you have an off-day at work? You have work you need to deliver at the end of the day, but somehow things are not flowing. You’re not getting anything done.

To combat this, imagine you go to YouTube and play some music. You feel your attention span growing, and you manage to get in a flow state. Your focus increases, your anxiety disappears, and your mood increases. Later that day, you meet your deadline and feel better.

Binaural beats may be the way to achieve exactly that! Let’s explore how you can boost productivity instantly with binaural beats. 

What are binaural beats?

With binaural beats, two tones are playing in your headphones at slightly different frequencies. The difference between the frequencies creates a third tone. Our brain synchronizes our brainwaves with the frequency of that binaural beat. 

Different brainwaves are known to impact your mood. Brainwaves that synchronize with the music can thus influence your state of mind. Binaural beats can reduce anxiety, enhance productivity, and increase your mood.

How do binaural beats work?

Generally, people use only a small part of their brain to complete a task. If you can use more brain cells when working, your productivity increases. A simple way to use more brain cells is to connect the left and right sides of the brain.

Binaural beats put a different frequency on the left and the right ear to engage both parts of the brain. When both the left and right sides of the brain are active, a larger area is activated, resulting in more focus on the task at hand. 

Your brainwaves have different frequencies. Binaural beats are tuning in to these frequencies to influence your state. Lower frequency waves get you in a meditative state, while mid-frequency waves get you in low stress or flow state. High-frequency waves are useful when you want to solve problems and retain information.

Effects of binaural beats

What exactly are the effects of binaural beats? Binaural beats are known to:

Reduce anxiety. A study of patients who were about to undergo surgery found that binaural beats significantly reduces anxiety. Another study found that general anxiety decreased when people listened to binaural beats over 30 minutes a day. 

With many experiencing increased anxiety over the last couple of months, this may be a simple way to reduce anxiety significantly. Simply take your headphones, your computer, and you’re good to go. 

Enhance productivity. When you check YouTube, there are dozens of binaural beat tracks to increase productivity. Do they work? This study implies that binaural beats can enhance performance and boost productivity. Plus, binaural beats also increase your short-term memory

Improve mood. When listening to binaural beats, participants noticed an increase in their mood. Do you feel down or unmotivated? Binaural beats may be the answer. 


If you want to use binaural beats, be sure to:

  • Use your headphones
  • Check out YouTube channels
  • Experiment with what works for you

While binaural beats are relatively new, there is already some science supporting the effects of it on productivity, mood, and anxiety. Binaural beats are not widely used yet, but you can benefit from its effect without putting in any extra effort.