A kitten overcoming cubicle barriers is your Monday office inspiration

Mondays: the days when all of Sunday’s late-night worries crystallize and become real: the growing to-do list, the non-stop meetings, the projects due. Mondays are even more intense after Daylight Saving Time, when we are all more likely to feel like sleepy, hungry, cranky infants.

On days like this, we need inspiration.

Here is your antidote: a kitten that defies the odds and overcomes enormous physical barriers, to escape its limitations.

It’s not easy, symbolizing the struggle each of us experiences when seeking autonomy in our careers. For a while, the furry seeker is stuck, flailing, between safety and the promise of freedom.

The goal: escape to the promise of a better life.

Just as the kitten nearly accomplishes its goal, there is a twist — one that teaches us all about the value of alliances in achieving our personal freedom.

Thanks to financial commentator Josh Brown, the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, who shared it with thousands of people, we can see this kitten’s struggle as a metaphor for office life.