Kids hilariously disrupt dad’s video conference call

Most people enjoy the flexibility of working from home. In fact, the happiest workers are the ones who only go into the office one day a week.

But working from home has its pitfalls: the fridge is pretty close, the internet is all too distracting when no boss is over your shoulder — and of course, most of all, kids can come barreling into the room at any time.

That’s what happened to Professor Robert E. Kelly. Kelly, an expert on international relations who teaches at Pusan International University in South Korea, was doing a very serious live interview with the BBC from his home office on the morning of March 10. He intended to talk about the wide effects of the impeachment of South Korea’s controversial leader.

Kelly’s kids had other plans.

First, his daughter, wearing a bright yellow sweater, confidently danced into his office while the cameras were rolling. Kelley gestures for her to leave, but she hangs out by his elbow, looking into the camera and observing the interview.

The real fun starts, though, when Kelly’s baby, in a walker, rolls in — followed by a very harried woman, who we’re told is his wife, who corrals both children, screaming, out of the room and then crawls on the floor to avoid the camera. The balletic sequence is so impressive, so hilarious, that it has merited its own frame-by-frame analysis, like the Super Bowl.

Every parent has feared this. Check out the hilarious video below — and keep your doors locked during conference calls and Skype interviews.