What to wear to an interview when the weather turns nasty

Don’t let the weather ruin your job interview – follow these fashion tips.

While many North Easterners were braving out the winter weather tucked away safely inside, some job seekers might not have been so lucky. Unfortunately, the job search doesn’t always come to a halt when bad weather strikes and trudging out into the elements becomes inevitable. Since looking your best is a crucial element to any successful interview, be sure to follow these simple fashion tips so the weather will not put a damper on your big day.

Preparation is key!

As with most aspects of the job search, preparation is essential when is come to an interview and this means checking the weather prior to selecting your interview outfit. Being unprepared and dressing inappropriately for the weather could lead to an untidy look. Once you know the weather, it is easy to plan you outfit and accessories.

Judge a book by its cover

First impressions are everything in the job search and it starts the moment you walk in the door. Depending on the season and your climate, the right coat and accessories can help you get off to a great start.

  • Coats and Trenches – Peacoats and trench coats are great staples for both men and women. Many of these coats have zip-in hoods or linings which can lead to an easy transition into any season. Choose a neutral color (black, navy blue, tan) and be sure to pay close attention to the fit.
  • Hats, Gloves & Scarves – Use these items to show off your personality without going overboard. You want all the items to match each other and compliment the coat you are wearing.

Put your best foot forward

No matter the distance, traveling by foot in bad weather is simply a pain. A simple answer to this problem is to invest in shoe covers. Shoe covers are a fairly in expensive and can save your nice shoes from being ruined due to rain or snow. These slip ons are perfect for interviews as they go right over your shoe (heels included!) and can be easily stored in your bag upon arrival.

Less is more

When it comes to your actual interview outfit, the best advice is to keep it simple. If you stick to the basics, you are sure turn up looking put together no matter the weather. A job interview is not the time (especially in bad weather) to try out the latest fashion trend. A classic suit in a neutral color is always best for men. Women can go with a pant suit in a neutral color as well or opt for a pencil skirt with a blazer to compliment it. Keep in mind that fit is extremely important! If your jacket, pants or shirt are too loose or too tight, the overall professional image may be ruined.