Tips for a Prosperous New Career in the Chinese New Year

Embrace the Year of the Horse to conduct a successful job search.

Gong xi fa cai! (Happy New Year!) January 31st marked the beginning of a new year on the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Horse.All around the world people celebrated the Chinese New Year by gathering with friends and family to exchange messages of good fortune such as happiness and prosperity, and set off fireworks to banish evil spirits.


If your career New Year’s resolutions have not yielded success just yet, consider the Chinese New Year a new beginning for your job-search efforts. Use these tips to embrace the Year of the Horse and move your job hunt in the right direction.

Leverage your friends

In the Chinese zodiac, people born under this sign like to entertain and enjoy being in large crowds. They are often characterized as friendly, great communicators, and popular among friends. Use this as inspiration in your job hunt during the Year of the Horse. Leverage your personal and professional connections to uncover new job leads. You never know – your friend’s new girlfriend could be the key to your next job. Additionally, turn every-day events into networking opportunities, whether you’re commuting to the office or cheering for your favorite basketball team at the local watering hole.

Seek professional advice

Those born in the Year of the Horse are considered very independent, and can be incredibly stubborn and rarely listen to advice. Don’t make this mistake in your job search! Remember, you’re not expected to be an expert at job seeking – that’s why there are coaches like me. Subscribe to job search blogs like this one and follow professionals on Twitter and Facebook to improve your search. If your resume is not yielding results, I recommend using the Career Thought Leaders Directory to find a certified professional resume writer that suits your needs.

Stay positive

People born under this zodiac sign are characterized as cheerful, straightforward, and possessing a positive attitude for life. If you’re currently searching for a job, you don’t need me to tell you how stressful the experience can be!  However, a successful job search requires you to maintain a positive state of mind. No one wants to hire someone who appears bitter or desperate. Whether you’re conducting an informational interview or fielding a phone screen,it’s important to exude confidence and optimism – even if you have to fake it until you actually feel it.

While your job search may have gotten off to a slow start, the Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity to step up your game. Incorporate these tips into your plan to jumpstart your job hunt toward a prosperous new career.