Job-Search Resources for the Recent Grad

Explore these online assets to uncover additional job opportunities.

onlineIf you’ve been following me on  Twitter  or  Facebook, or reading my  weekly column, you’ve heard me talk about the concept of ‘harnessing the power of three.’ Basically this means that you should use multiple methods to uncover job leads – both hidden and published – in the marketplace.

I encourage seasoned professionals to do three things: search for and apply to online listings, leverage their social and professional networks, and actively reach out to recruiters. If you’re a recent graduate, you don’t need to create a recruiter outreach strategy. Instead, your time is best spent with a two-prong strategy that consists of pursing online job postings and cultivating a professional network that will help you throughout your entire career.

Recently we’ve cleaned up your online presence, crafted a great resume that speaks to your job goals and discussed job application best practices to bypass the infamous job-search black hole. Now that all your personal branding materials are put together, I want to shift our focus to finding as many relevant job leads as possible.

This week the focus is on using online resources and mobile technology to find online job postings. Below is a list of different avenues you can take to uncover additional job opportunities.

Industry trades & associations

Once you’ve decided on a specific trade or industry, it’s important to immerse yourself in that world. Research online, ask your professors, and speak to people in your target industry to identify professional associations and online publications that are relevant to your goals. Often both of these resources will have a spot on their websites dedicated to relevant jobs. For example, you might subscribe to AdvertisingAge or join the American Marketing Association (AMA) to gather more job leads.

Your alma mater

Most colleges offer access to job listings after you’ve graduated. Take advantage of these free resources! Create an account with your school’s online job board and upload your new resume. Additionally, check out the alumni section of their site for extra career resources.


Yep, that’s what I said. Don’t discount a good old-fashioned Google search, such as ” job boards for healthcare,” to identify niche boards where you can run a more specific keyword search for opportunities, and where relevant recruiters may be looking for your profile. You can also search for “entry-level job boards” to uncover resources like CareerRookie  and Wetfeet.


There are a number of job boards out there, so I’m assuming you’re already familiar with the job aggregators like Indeed and SimplyHired. Another great resource for recent grads is Ladders.  Previously a service for high-level professionals, we opened our doors to all career-driven professionals almost two years ago. Create a profile on our site and start receiving job matches that align with your background and goals. You can also download our free app, Job Search by Ladders, to access new listings on the go and size up your competition with our competitive analysis tool, Ladders Scout.

Social media

Put your Twitter accounts and Pinterest boards to good use in your job search! Start following companies, recruiting agencies and other career resources on Twitter –they’ll often use their Twitter handles to blast out job listings. To get started, search for people with the terms ” Jobs ” or ” Careers ” or search by popular Twitter hashtags. More and more companies are also using Pinterest to display their positions and show off their company culture. Run similar searches on Pinterest for Pinners with ” Careers ” in the title.

Give these resources a try and I guarantee you’ll find more jobs that are relevant to your goals and background.  Next week, we’ll tackle networking as a means to find additional job leads and improve your chances at landing your dream job.