It’s the end of the summer; don’t take a vacation. Do this instead.

It’s the first week of August. If you were going to go on vacation, you would have planned one by this point, wouldn’t you? And if you haven’t planned one, it’s too late now.

But that’s OK. The three-day weekend is here to save you. Take one – take two or three through Labor Day or into September, and extend your summer. It’s better than a vacation.

The three-day weekend is superior in many ways.

They’re better for stress relief than long vacations, said 87% of respondents in a Cornerstone poll conducted by YouGov of 1,000 people.

They’re quick pick-me-ups for burnout. Frazzled and freaked out and not ready for yet another M-F? You can request an extra day off and go – they don’t require a lot of money or planning.

They’re low-stakes. Heck, you can sit at home in the air conditioning for three days if you really want to, or stay in your home city and go to museums if you want. You can go to a hotel in the city that you live in and pretend to be a celebrity. Why not? Get out of town without the hassle of getting out of town.

Taking off for a long time can take it out of you. In the same poll, more than half said they worked longer hours after going on a proper vacation.

You can take them in multiples. It’s your PTO – use it. If you work in a sane workplace, you’re unlikely to get in trouble for taking a couple three-day jaunts in a somewhat short time period. That leaves a summer full of varied, exciting long weekends –  at the beach, in the city, and just relaxing by a friend’s pool at your friend’s house in the Hamptons. You can have it both ways.