Incentive Technology Group EVP on the challenge of securing top talent in a competitive marketplace

Ladders recently spoke with Aurora Bushner, Executive Vice President of Delivery at Incentive Technology Group, who discusses how technology has reshaped the HR industry, they challenge businesses face in securing top talent, and more. Read on below. 

How important of a role does technology, like data science for example, play in the field of HR and recruiting and specifically in your work? 

Technology has moved companies from recruiting to marketing and selling.  A company must have a great online and offline presence in order to attract the best resources.  Employees are not just looking for a steady paycheck. The company has to sell its culture, benefits and why being there is a fitting life choice to fit the trend of gig economy.  From Social Media to employer system tracking jobs, recruitment has become based in technology.


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Aurora Bushner
Aurora Bushner

What the key steps that businesses should take to secure top talent? What criteria should they focus on?

The biggest challenge is finding talent that is in high demand. Screening for aptitude, potential and understanding the collective needs of the organization are important in finding people that will be the next generation of talent.  It is also imperative to not only understand what your needs are for today but what your needs are for several months out so that you can be creating relationships with your future talent pool long before they are thinking about finding a new job.


What sectors and markets now have the strongest hiring intent, and why?

According to the latest “Employment Outlook Survey,” released by ManpowerGroup professional and business services is the top sector hiring in 2019 with an increase of 28 percent.  Leisure and hospitality is second with an increase of 27 percent. I believe this is true because this is our focus as a society.  We have moved from 9-5 jobs to working anywhere and when it suits our schedules. We are more focused on work & life balance so we take “working” vacations with our loved ones which increases the need for leisure and hospitality workers.


What are the key steps that recruiters should take to develop and strengthen relationships with job candidates?

Relationship building is the same whether you are building a relationship with a job candidate or a new next door neighbor.  Recruiters need to listen to the job candidates. Recruiters need to watch the candidates body language and not think about the next question they are going to ask.  Really listen, watch how they respond to see when they get excited about something. Offer nuggets about yourself while talking to them. This means that the entire conversation is not about the job requirements.  Talking about common pets, where the two of you went to college etc. offers a personal perspective. It also allows the candidate some time to not be “on” to get the position. A recruiter is responsible not only to get the right talent into the company but also has a responsibility to the candidate to not place them in a job that is not a good fit.