If you want to be healthier, drink this type of coffee

Though cold brew coffee gets all the hype and praise, a new study may have you turning back to good ol’ hot coffee and just in time for winter.

See cold brew gets all the attention because people think it tastes less bitter so, therefore, is less acidic which would help with heartburn, however, this study finds that the acid levels are pretty much on par with each other. The pH levels of both hot and cold coffee ranged from 4.85 to 5.13 for all coffee samples tested.

Co-authored by assistant and associate professors of chemistry at Thomas Jefferson University Dr. Megan Fuller and Dr. Niny Rao they used five different commercially available pre-ground coffees — Ethiopia Ardi, Ethiopia YirgZ, Brazil, Colombia, and Myanmar. They brewed hot and cold coffees using the “same ratio of water volume to grind weight.”

Basically, cold brew gets all the glory because it has more caffeine and it is just oh so trendy right now (the US market for cold brew grew 580% between 2011 to 2016.) And on a hot day, it does sound more ideal than hot coffee. However, the health myths associated with cold brew need to be cleared up and this study is a solid start.