If you live in this city, you are more likely to have a breakdown

Trying to live a stress-free life is hard, but it might be impossible in Detroit.

The Motor City was determined the most stressed city in the US, according to a new study headed by WalletHub. Detroit ranked No. 1 for the lowest median credit score and sat tied for having the highest poverty rate in the US. It also ranked second for both the “Family Stress” and “Health & Safety Stress” ranking, according to the data.

Cleveland (Ohio), Newark (New Jersey), Baltimore (Maryland), and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) followed Detroit as the most stressed cities in America.

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Faye Crosby, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz suggested being honest and trustworthy when it comes to reducing stress, specifically that that comes from work.

“If you find it stressful to manage your finances, you might try to deny problems,
”Crosby said. “That is not a good strategy. Instead, try breaking down the big problems into little bits. Also, ask for help and advice. We all have trouble with our finances. There is no shame in having problems, just shame in persisting in them.”

The five least-stressed places to live were Fremont (California), Bismarck (North Dakota), Sioux Falls (San Diego), Overland Park (Kansas), and Irvine (California).

The study compiled data from 180 cities, using metrics from average weekly work hours to debt load, divorce, and suicide rates.