If you live in California, you probably have this office plant

If you live in Michigan, you’re very likely to have an umbrella plant. How do we know? Next Day Blinds analyzed the most Googled houseplants in every state across the nation. While they never went out of style, there’s been an increased interest in houseplants as of late, with Millennials increasing plant sales by 50% in the U.S. and hip new online stores that will mail you a plant pronto.

Take a look to see what’s most popular in your state… and then scroll down to reveal the most searched-for plant overall (we’ve included info about it and where to buy it online).

And the most-searched houseplant via Google in the U.S. is: the aloe vera plant!

What’s so special about the aloe vera? First of all, it’s an air-purifying plant. A succulent with origins in North Africa and the Middle East, it loves bright direct or indirect light. While there are 300 species of Aloe, only the aloe vera species is used for medicinal purposes – it’s best known for helping burns heal, but it has many other uses.

Get started with a desk-sized version of your own, if you’re near some sun.