If you are obsessed with talking about this subject, you may be a psychopath

On this site, we have written a lot about the language mannerisms of psychopaths (both verbal and physical) but if you are wondering what subjects psychopaths like to ruminate on now there is some data on that but you may not like it. There is a good chance psychopath’s favorite subject is yours too.

A study led by Cornell’s Jeff Hancock that interviewed 52 convicted murderers about the crimes they committed included 14 diagnosed psychopaths (the other 38 were not.)  In addition to the psychopaths trying to defend the crimes they committed they also talked a lot about the following subjects: food, sex and money.

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The convicted psychopaths went into great detail on the food they ate the day they committed their murder. The researchers found that psychopaths tend to use twice as many words when they are talking about what they eat and drink. They go into great detailed description on that really great cobb salad they had, but when it comes to talking about the horrible crime they committed, they are at a loss for words. Other things they don’t like to talk about? Family, religion and spirituality.

Now before you go thinking about the last time you talked about food or thought about food (probably like 10 seconds ago and all day everyday) do keep in mind that this was only for people who were diagnosed as psychopaths and convicted murderers. If not, we’d be in quite a bit of trouble as more than half of Americans (53%) consider themselves to be foodies, according to a study that used 2,000 people.

The reasoning behind psychopaths going into great detail on the food they ate the day they killed someone or the money that was involved is, according to the researchers, because they look at the world to be full of things that are theirs for the taking. “This pattern suggested that psychopaths were more likely to view the crime as the logical outcome of a plan (something that ‘had’ to be done to achieve a goal),” they wrote in the report.

The study also found that psychopaths tend to say “because” a lot as it is a subordinating conjunction that allows them to explain cause and effect.

They also will throw in a bunch of “umms” and “uhhs” in an attempt to sound more human.  They have trouble putting emotion into their speech so this a means of adding a little bit more naturalness.

Then again there are certain mundane days when all you remember is that you had a really great sandwich but as long as their isn’t a murder on the side you should be good.