How Your Personal Brand Can Get You Hired

Focusing on the whole package can help make you the perfect candidate.

lightbulbIt’s been said before, “If a resume was the deciding factor in recruitment, there would never be a need for interviews.” Here’s how your personal brand can get you hired.

It will make you stand out.

By creating your personal brand, you have a leg up on your competition. It demonstrates many positive qualities, but most importantly you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make yourself stand out. Plus, it means you care about the way you present yourself to other people, which is definitely something employers pay attention to.

A personal brand makes your skills 3-D.

By showcasing your writing skills on a blog, or video editing skills on YouTube, it makes your resume more tangible. Putting qualifications on a resume can tell an employer how good of a worker you may be, but making your presence known online by being a thought leader will show them you are the perfect candidate.

You are willing to work hard.

Creating, updating and maintaining your personal brand is a 24/7 job. By focusing your efforts into making yourself more visible on the Internet, it proves you are dedicated. Also, responding to comments and researching industry news are little ways that demonstrate you are ready for a job.

Networking is something you do daily.

Social media is all about networking, and having a personal brand ties into this as well. In order to get your brand acknowledged, it is important to focus more on other people than you do on yourself. This means responding back to every person who comments on your blog, mentions you on Twitter, etc., whether it’s positive or negative. You can also pay it forward by posting job links or helpful people to network with once you find them. Someone eventually will do the same thing for you.

You believe in yourself.

Taking the time, and putting in the effort to create your personal brand already shows you are self-confident. Your brand is more than what you put online, it also includes how you present yourself, dress, attitude, and much more. Appearing confident is a quality many employers look for when hiring candidates, just make sure you never come off as arrogant because it definitely won’t get you hired.

Reposted with permission from Personal Branding Blog