How to turn bad into good

Slamming my laptop shut, I stormed out of the office.

It was only 11:45 A.M., and the program I needed for 95% of my work that day had just crashed for the 6th time.

Before that:

People had interrupted my revered, introverted silence no less than 8 times before 10:00.

Before that:

The dog barked incessantly to be let out for 20 minutes straight. And then barked to get back in. And then barked to get out again.

Before that:

I’d accidentally left out the meat out on the counter overnight, causing it to spoil and stink.

Before that:

I saw the quality of my latest video, realized it was garbage, and wondered aloud why I hadn’t managed to get consistent quality after 108 videos.

The stew of angst and disappointment and rage had boiled into a fever pitch, leaving me feeling more than a little murderous.

It was, as my favorite storybook character would describe it, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I hadn’t even had lunch yet.

— — —

After Amy Winehouse died, her family created a foundation for young artists likely to fall into similar trappings as the late vocalist. Her brother, Alex, quit his career as a music journalist to do so.

The foundation has worked with nearly a quarter of a million students in the seven years since her death.

Substance abuse claimed one Winehouse. This gave the others incentive to claim a potential 250,000+ from the same fate.

This is an extraordinary thing.

On my bad day, here are a few other things I did:

I wrote an encouraging post.

I sent a few emails to good friends.

I completed a piece of video work ahead of schedule.

I walked 4.2 miles (crossing my 10,000 daily step goal).

I apologized to Kate when she came home and told her I loved her.

I spent time with family over dinner.

These are not extraordinary things.

But as it turns out. It doesn’t matter.

And that’s the secret.

Do good things when you have bad days.

Do good things when you feel bad.

Do good things.

Start with these:

Much love as always ❤

— Todd B

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