How to slay a stretch assignment

Recent years have been full of talk about how to elevate women at work. Have you noticed, though, that the conversation often focuses on problems more than solutions? That’s why we’re excited to add a new perspective—and solution to the mix: offering women more stretch assignments. Now, this isn’t just based on feeling or intuition. Stretch assignments have been shown to positively alter the trajectory of professionals’ careers, significantly accelerating performance and success.

Our award-winning study, Out of the Comfort Zone: How women and men size up stretch assignments—and why leaders should care, adds new insights about stretch assignments you can use in your own career.

Check out our infographic to see the many ways that you make stretch assignments work for you. Share this infographic with your colleagues and HR leaders – or use it to spark a dialogue within your team. Better yet, do both!

And don’t forget how many stretch opportunities there are out there. Scroll down to see our list below!




This article first appeared on Be Leaderly.