How to reframe the parts of your job you dislike

If you dread certain aspects of your job, chances are you focus on them before a workday.

Whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on dread, it grows bigger inside. But even if you face a day of challenges, you can go to work with the same enthusiasm you have on days without challenges. 

When you approach work with enthusiasm, it ignites that spark to get things done.

Suppose you ask yourself what aspects of the workday excite you or ignite enthusiasm. Then you focus on those things that bring you joy, passion, or sheer enjoyment. 

Is it a favorite coworker or client? Is it a particular place or an interactive situation? See if you can find one positive part of your daily schedule that you look forward to.

Then focus on it and let it expand into enthusiasm inside. You will discover more chill time, job success, and personal joy.

Excerpt from #Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life with permission from the author and publisher.

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This article first appeared on Thrive Global.