How to have a perfect night’s sleep, according to sleep queen Arianna Huffington

Ever since Arianna Huffington collapsed at her desk in 2007, she knew she had to do something. She’s since concentrated her work on battling burnout culture and promoting sleep.

Marie Kondo, tidying-up queen and author, interviewed Huffington – founder of the Huffington Post, CEO of Thrive Global, and queen of sleep – for her interview series on her KonMari website.

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Huffington, whose most recent book is called The Sleep Revolution, had a few things to say about slumber.

  1. One of her “microtips”: charging her cellphone outside her bedroom, she told Kondo.
  2. Also, she added, a decluttered room can lead to a clutter-free mind – both of which can contribute to a good night’s sleep.
  3. Her bedtime routine includes “escorting” her electronic devices out of her bedroom, as well as a hot bath.
  4. After a good night’s sleep, she doesn’t ruin it by starting the day by looking at her phone.

Huffington also had something to say about “always on” culture, especially the dangers of working from home – where your desk could literally be in your bedroom:

“People working at home often feel the need to be available all the time, but being in that “always on” state is terrible for well-being. It’s not only acceptable but vital to disconnect, unplug, recharge and deliberately build movement into your day. Just be sure to set expectations with your manager and colleagues so everyone is on the same page.”