How to follow up over email with a key person from a conference

People attend conferences to learn, grow and meet new people.

And if you come across someone interesting who can advance your business, it’s important to send a message when you’re back home to keep the dialogue going.

Here’s how.

Subject line: Great to meet you at [name of event/conference]

Hi [person’s first name],

It was nice to meet you at [name of event/conference]. I enjoyed learning more about [what did you learn from or about the other person; for instance, “the work you do at Acme Corporation. Plus, I needed someone to joke with during that boring keynote address”].

Let’s keep the discussion going. [Then, what’s the next step?; for instance, “As I mentioned, our company is looking for a new accounting firm and yours may be a good fit. I will connect you with our CFO in a separate email so you two can meet.”]

Thanks again,

– Leader’s first name

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Deeper Insight

Put the name of the event/conference where you met in the subject line. It makes your email more recognizable in a crowded inbox.

Also, make sure to explain the next step (”looking for a new accounting firm”). The person may not want to follow up if he/she doesn’t know the “why.”

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