How to develop world-class behaviors in the next 14 days

Most people don’t realize they’re only a few key behaviors away from starting to live a truly world-class life.

You don’t need to adopt dozens of new, difficult behaviors of “successful people” — you just need a few. And if you make just a few key behavioral changes, you’ll build momentum and confidence that you can reinvest in yourself to master new and better behaviors.

Success doesn’t happen all at once — it’s a slow, gradual process that rewards those who can consistently follow the path. But you don’t need a lot of time to develop these initial world-class behaviors, either. A couple weeks will do. We’re not trying to transform your entire life overnight; we’re getting you to identify and adopt just a few key behaviors that will create momentum you can use to continue the process. 

Focus on Learning and Creating, Not Entertainment and Distraction

You can learn a lot very quickly, if you choose. If you play guitar 3 times a week, you might take a year or two to get pretty good. But play guitar 3 times a day, and you could become very skilled in a matter of weeks.

But as long as you continue to focus on entertainment and distraction, you’ll always be stuck in first gear, unable to start gaining enormous momentum to break through mental barriers that you might’ve been carrying around for years.

It’s difficult to remove yourself entirely from these distractions. It’s your responsibility to say no to these distractions. But when you focus on learning and creating, you can develop and master new behaviors, very quickly. 

Ask Yourself Direct Questions That Force You To Gain Enormous Clarity

Getting clarity on your most important goals isn’t easy. But if you want to develop truly world-class behaviors, you need to ask yourself some direct, blunt questions about your life.

If you want extraordinary results, you need to ask yourself extraordinary questions. Who are you? What do you really want? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there? If not, why not? 

Be precise in your speech; don’t allow yourself to sit in the vague fog of “maybe” that most people have been living in for a long time. These small questions, genuinely answered, will provide enormous clarity in your life in just a couple weeks.

In Conclusion

Small choices have big results. Once you start making the right small choices, you’ll start seeing the results you actually want, and not the opposite. It’s time for you to start acting like people living a world-class life — in charge of their time, money, relationships, and choices.

It starts with your behaviors. Once you consistently start making world-class choices — something you can start today — you’ll start seeing these behaviors grow into lasting characteristics of your life. You’ll become a disciplined, consistent, focused positive person with power and ability.

Choose to adopt some new, world-class behaviors in life. They don’t have to be enormous — just big enough to start creating some momentum. Use that momentum. Reinvest in your life. Sacrifice the right things so you can achieve the life you want.